Job Titles And Their Importance

Job Titles And Their Importance
A job description is the complete name that identifies a person s job or occupational position in the workplace. In short or in a couple words it can clearly describe the duties, level of responsibilities and what job the individual does. Here are some popular examples of job descriptions: Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, etc. Job descriptions are very important when people apply for a job. You do not want to be interviewed and hired without knowing the exact job description you are applying for.

When applying for a job, it is important to know what the job description is. It is usually included in the resume. The job description will usually tell the applicant or job seeker a little bit about the job and what they can expect upon accepting the job. It should also indicate the job purpose, meaning the main role the applicant intends to have. An example of job descriptions would be Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Financial Clerk, etc. The job purpose is very important as this is often what is reviewed during an interview.

There are many websites on the internet that offer free job descriptions in different categories, alphabetical order, from most recent to oldest. By searching these websites through any major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) you should be able to obtain a wide selection of job descriptions to choose from. These websites also offer various categories so you may find appropriate category matching your search criteria.

When reviewing each job description or category, you will notice a variety of job functions or duties. Some of the most common job functions are Administration/ managerial, Finance/ Accounting and Administration/ Administrative Assistant. These job functions are very broad in nature and cover a wide area. The job description is usually broken down further into a few key job functions usually described as, Sales, Customer Service, and Sales Representative, among others. These fundamental job functions are extremely important to the overall quality of a position. Each of these essential functions is important to the organization as a whole.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key words used in job descriptions. In general, the job title, or job name, is the first sentence or two sentences of a job description. A job description is followed by the phrase, qualification, description, skills, and experience, or skills, qualification, experience, and education. If a job title is found to be grammatically incorrect, then it should be re-worded to fit the job description. Other important punctuation symbols are the dollar sign and the question mark.

There are many examples of job titles used by the Human Resources department and indeed, the application process for most job positions. Many candidates use incorrect job titles in their resumes. This is a grave error, because it can create an unprofessional appearance. Most importantly, this error is likely to give the impression that the candidate does not have the necessary skills for the position. So, correct job titles and wording are important to obtaining a good first impression, and a good shot at getting the interview. Also, it’s a good idea to include keywords, phrases or keywords in your resume.

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